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Holdie Prehistoric Dinosaurs

Holdie Prehistoric Dinosaurs

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Come and explore the prehistoric world, where you will meet its resident Dinosaurs Pterodactyl,
T-Rex and Ankylosaurus. Handmade from a soft wool blend with embroidered features, these
three dino friends are the perfect size for small hands and make wonderful prompts for hours of
imaginative play.
Discover Pterodactyl, the flying dino known for having the fastest wings in all the land! This bighearted friend can often be found soaring high above the trees and volcanoes, seeking out fun
and mischief too!
Say hello to loveable Ankylosaurus, who can sometimes be shy but always comes running
when a buddy roams by. Ankylosaurus is a massive fan of sloshing about in the calm rivers and
streams of Holdie™ Prehistoric world and likes to spend the day hunting for the greenest leaves
to munch!
The king of the Holdie™ Prehistoric is our BIG friend T-Rex, who can be spotted busily roaring
and roaming day after day. There’s no need to be scared: this T-Rex is a gentle giant who loves
to explore and meet new buddies to play hide and seek with. 

Holdie™ Prehistoric Set includes 3 x Dinosaurs; Dinos are not sold separately.

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