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Gumboots - Kanga Crew

Gumboots - Kanga Crew

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It’s raining, it’s pouring! Let your little one splish and splash to their heart’s content with our adorable and practical Short Gumboots! They’re made from pure rubber with slip-resistant soles, a toe guard, and a 100% cotton lining in an adorable Penny Scallan print. A matching silicone charm doubles as a name tag so you can tell whose is whose. We have matching raincoats for all our gumboots — the perfect way to brighten a grey day!

AU3 / EU19 - 12.0cm inner sole x 12.5cm outer length x 11.5cm high

AU4 / EU20 – 13.0cm inner sole x 13.5cm outer length x 11.5cm high
AU5 / EU22 - 14.5cm inner sole x 15.5cm outer length x 11.5cm high
AU6 / EU23 -15cm inner sole x 16.5cm outer length x 11.5cm high
AU7 / EU24 - 16cm inner sole x 17cm outer length x 11.6cm high
AU8 / EU25 - 16.5cm inner sole x 17.5cm outer length x 11.7cm high
AU9 / EU27 - 18cm inner sole x 19cm outer length x 11.9cm high
AU10 / EU28 -19cm inner sole x 19.5cm outer length x 12cm high

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