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Rattan Wamble Walker - Straw

Rattan Wamble Walker - Straw

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The Wamble Walker is the perfect companion on your little one's journey to becoming balanced and coordinated. From unsteady steps to confident strides, the Wamble Walker will be with them every step of the way. With its cozy Dinkums, Dinkum Dolls and other treasures, your child will have plenty of motivation to explore the world around them! Let the Wamble Walker join in on all of their adventures, big and small.

Boasting two anti-tip stoppers, this 100% Natural Rattan Walker has a solid metal base for pulling and an innovative design that makes pushing effortless no matter how many riders are on board.

The Wamble Walker is crafted with care, taking into consideration all angles, bumps and corners. Its recycled wheels glide effortlessly over any flooring, while a removable handle provides the same convenience as our Strolley and Luggy! It will quickly become a favorite of yours and it also doubles as excellent toy storage when not in use.

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