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32 Pce Pastel Mini pack

32 Pce Pastel Mini pack

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Looking for just a small taste of Connetix? Welcome to the Connetix Tiles Pastel Mini Pack! This set is fantastic if you'd like to just dip your toe into the wonderful world of learning and creativity that is Connetix.

The Connetix Mini Pack also makes the perfect gift! If you're already a Connetix fan and would love to introduce a niece, a nephew, a friend, a school teacher, a cousin, or other loved one to this incredible toy, then this is the pack for you. It's also a wonderful choice if you're looking to add some more of the basic shapes to your existing collection.

The 32 Piece Pastel Mini Pack contains lots of small squares (the true "building blocks" of Connetix) plus two different types of triangles, including eight that will form two-thirds of a circle when arranged with their points together. The tiles come in eight beautiful, earthy pastel colours.

  • Set of 32 magnetic tiles:
    • 16 x small squares
    • 8 x equilateral triangles
    • 8 x isosceles triangles
  • Suitable for ages 3yo and up
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